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The Port of Tarifa

The Port of Tarifa

Ferry Tarifa - Tangier, whale & dolphin watching

Ferry Tarifa - Tangier (Morocco)

The port of Tarifa has gained in importance when the fast ferry connection from Tarifa to Tangier in Morocco was established. 
The boat brings you in only 35min from Europe to Africa. 
The company is called FRS, the tickets can be bought in their office in the port building or online. The port in Tarifa is a Schengen port, so EU members only need a antional identy card to be able to enter Morocco.
Schedule and prices Ferry Tarifa - Tangier (Africa)
The ferries can transport people as well as vehicles of any size. 

Whale watching in the Strait of Gibraltar

In Tarifa there are several companies offering boat trips to explore the world of whales and dolphins who made the Strait of Gibraltar their home.

Most likely you will see pilot whales and many dolphins, but there is a good chance to also see killer whales, sperm whales and fin whales.

The price for a boat trip of approx. 2 hours is about 30€ per person.

Turmares   Avda. Alcalde Juan Nuñez 3, 
 Local 12 
 11380 Tarifa (Cadiz)
 Tel.: 956 680 741
 Mobil: 696 448 349
 Internet: http://www.turmares.com
Whale Watch Espana     Avenida de la Constitución 6, 
 11380 Tarifa (Cadiz) 
 Tel.: 956 627 013
 Mobil: 639 476 544
 Internet: http://www.whalewatchtarifa.net
Firmm    Pedro Cortés 4,
 11380 Tarifa (Cádiz)
 Tel.: 956 627 008
 Mobil: 678 418 350
 Internet: http://www.firmm.org


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