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Diving center "YelloSub", Tarifa Spain

  1. Port of Tarifa
  2. 11380 Tarifa
  3. Tel.: (0034) 956 680 680

Diving in Tarifa Spain means knowing a very special place for this sport. Here, where two continents and two seas come together, you can learn and practice scuba diving big.

Around the island "Isla de las Palomas" - opposite to the "Playa Chica" beach, which belongs to the Nature Park "Parque del Estrecho", you can explore a rich underwater flora and fauna. Among others, we have turtles, kelp, anemones, moon fish and nudibranchs. Apart you can find sunken ships, that belong to the most wanted by divers.

Diving conditions are good in Tarifa: Visibility is good - the avaerage is about 15 meters and the water temperature rounds 16 to 20ºC. Diving in Taifa is possible throughout all year.

The most recomended and known diving school in Tarifa is called "YelloSub" and is located in the port of Tarifa.
If you have already a license, you can rent gear here and if you are a beginner or want to access e.g. for an "Advanced Open Water" license or "Master of Scuba", then the "YellowSub" Diving Center is very useful. They offer diving courses for all levels, teached by PADI certified instructors.

Explore the underwater world of Tarifa Spain and dive into the waters of the Strait of Gibraltar!

Distance   In the port of Tarifa
Driving time   no
Instructors   Qualified according to standard PADI
Languages   English, Spanish
Season   all year
Services   Dive courses for beginners and advanced, PADI diving certificate
Arrival   You can let your car very near the port beside the old fortress of Tarifa ("Castillo de Guzmán El Bueno").
Contact   Diving Center Yellowsub Tarifa

Prices diving school

Discover Scuba Diving   75,00 €
Open Water Diver   395,00 €
Advanced Open Water Diver   320,00 €
11380 Tarifa, CZ, Spain
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