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Tarifa culture guide

Tarifa culture guide; Things to do in Tarifa, Entertainment, Attractions, Museums, Historic Sites in Tarifa

All entertainment, attractions, events, museums & historic sites in Tarifa

There is more to Tarifa than only kitesurf contests. 
Tarifa is booming with culture. Flamenco concerts are nothing rare here (Bar Almedina every thursday).

Of course most of the cultural highlights take place in the high season. In summer there is live music almost every day on the public stage of the Parque Alameda.

The premier time of cultural activities in Tarifa is the Feria in the first week of September. 

This week is basically a week of holidays in Tarifa. Everyone parties until the early hours in the morning. Most of the shops close for this week. 

The virgin of light, there patron saint of Tarifa is being carried through the streets and followed by more then 200 horses in traditional decoration.

GoTarifa.com will keep you updated in this section about any recommendable events coming up.


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