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Nightlife guide

Tarifa nightlife guide - All about nightlife in Tarifa Spain, most complete directory with reviews

Reviews and photos of the best bars, clubs, restaurants and pubs in Tarifa

Tarifa nightlife - where to be from dusk til dawn

Tarifa has for long been a place with a lot of lifestyle, fashion and a mix of people from all over the world. Perfect requirements for an extravagant nightlife!

In the old center of Tarifa is where most of the bars and clubs open their doors every night. But party can also be found in the new part of town, at the beach and in the industrial area at the entrance of Tarifa.

In Spain everything starts a bit later. Usually, people don't come back from the beach before 20pm. This means that dinner is going to be between 21pm and 23pm (at this time the restaurants are going to be most crowded).

After 23pm it is worth to start a tour through the plenty of great bars in town to warm up for the night. 

The clubs in Spain never open before 1am and until 2am they usually won't be very crowded either. Any bar without a special permission is obliged by law to close their doors at 3am. The police is very strict about this rule, especially in the historical center of town where many of the accommodations are. The lucky bars with the special permission can stay opened another hour until 4am.

After 4am in the morning, if you are still active and willing to party, the clubs are the places to go. Tarifa has 3 dancing clubs to offer all year around and in the summer some extra ones open up for the high season between June and September. 

At 8am in the morning the clubs in Tarifa will finally close and it might be better for you anyways to go to bed now. You'll only have a day of time to recover before the sun is going down again. 

goTarifa.com has put together for you a classic "Tarifa-night" with some tipps to the best adresses in town. 

Bars in Tarifa - where to go after dinner (21pm - 2am)

Cafe Central - Tarifa

Cafe Central Tarifa

  1. c/ Sancho IV El Bravo
  2. 11380 Tarifa
  3. Tel.:+34 956 680 590

The meeting point number 1 in Tarifa is called Cafe Central, situated about 100m infront of the large church in the heart of the center of Tarifa. Plenty of chairs and tables on the terraze invite to watch the nightlife around you slowly getting in motion. 

The music here is relaxed, tapas and drinks are good, too.

Location   down-town, outdoor and indoor area
Opening hours   9:00am - 2:00am
Music   various, no electronic music
Specials   open kitchen til late
Target group   everybody
Season   all year around
Best days   friday and saturday
Evaluation   *****

Bar Almedina - Tarifa

Almedina Tarifa

  1. c/ Almedina
  2. 11380 Tarifa

Definitely one of the most beautiful bars Tarifa has to offer! Built into the historical city wall behind the Castle and below the town hall, the Almedina is exceptionally well decorated and the rooms themselves are unique.

This is one of the oldest buildings (about 3000 years) in Tarifa and prooves Tarifa's arabic roots to the fullest. 

Every Thursday night there is a live flamenco concert after 23pm with different artists of the area. Entrance is free.

Location   below the town hall, part of the historical town walls
Opening hours   21:00pm - 2:00am
Music   various acoustic, from classic to rock
Specials   live flamenco every thursday night
Target group   from 25 years up
Season   all year around
Best days   thursdays
Evaluation   *****

Cafe del Mar - Tarifa

Cafe del Mar Tarifa

  1. Poligono industrial "La Vega"
  2. 11380 Tarifa

In 2007 Tarifa grew for one highlight in its nighlife offers: the famous Cafe del Mar from Ibiza. 

Situated in the industrial area at the lower entrance to Tarifa from the N340 national road, this place is distributed on 3 floors and very well decorated.

In the ground level there is a restaurant with great international and Asian kitchen a large bar and plenty of space to enjoy your drink in great atmosphere.

The second floor also has a bar and the third floor (the roof terraze) invites to take the sun or the moon from one of the comfortable sun chairs. 

Drinks might be a little more expensive here, but included in the price you get a little of the Ibiza glance.

Location   outside town in the poligono industrial
Opening hours   20:00pm - 3:00am
Music   electronic sounds, "Cafe del Mar"
Specials   parties in the summer at the weekends
Target group   25 - 40 years, fashionable
Season   all year around
Best days   Friday, Saturday
Evaluation   *****

Clubs in Tarifa - dancing the night away (2am - 8am)

La Ruina - Tarifa

La Ruina Tarifa

  1. c/ Santisima Trinidad
  2. 11380 Tarifa

Located in the heart of the old center of Tarifa, La Ruina is the club with a long history. 

The name results from the fact that La Ruina (the ruin) used to be a broken down place in one of the oldest houses in town. 

There wasn't even a roof on it. Someone put a bar in it and put on some music and there it was: Tarifa's dancing temple #1.

Today this place is completely renovated, very modern, but still with a touch of the old "La Ruina". Music here is electronic, getting you in the right dancing mood.

Location   down-town, up the stairs next to Taco Way
Opening hours   1:00am - 4:00am
Music   electronic music, house
Specials   Special parties with famous guest DJs
Target group   18 - 40 years
Season   all year around
Best days   friday and saturday
Evaluation   *****

Carpe Diem - Tarifa

Carpe Diem Tarifa

  1. c/ Alcalde Juan Nuñez 
  2. 11380 Tarifa

This dance club in a stylish bar ambience with great modern decoration comes to the standard of a great holiday disco club.

It is situated right opposite of the fishing port, just 2min walking from the historical center towards the city beach. 

Most of the nights they have different DJs on the sets, playing any kind of music from electronic beats to 70ies grooves.

Between 2am and 4am this place is usually packed. Don't miss it!

Location   infront of the port, close to the center
Opening hours   1:00am - 4:00am
Music   electronic music, house, reggae, disco
Specials   Special parties with live acts 
Target group   20 - 50 years
Season   all year around (weekends), summer (every night)
Best days   friday and saturday
Evaluation   *****

Club New Rif - Tarifa

New Rif Tarifa

  1. c/ Batalla del Salado
  2. 11380 Tarifa

New Rif is situated opposite of the gas station in the new part of town. If you are accommodated in one of the apartments in the beach area, you will most likely pass by the New Rif on your way back from the old center of Tarifa. 

After 3am in the morning it is recommendable to make this your last stop-in for the night. The dance floor is large, several bars serve you drinks and the doors won't close until the sun comes up.

Due to the music selection, the crowds here might be a bit younger than in other places, but any age is welcome. House and tecno music are the usual tune, but some nights there are guest DJs bringing some new flavours to town.

Location   opposite gas station in the street with all the surf shops
Opening hours   1:00am - 8:00am
Music   electronic music, house
Specials   parties with guest DJs, DJ battles
Target group   17 - 40 years
Season   all year around
Best days   friday and saturday
Evaluation   ***


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