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Straight of Gibraltar

Straight of Gibraltar and Tarifa

The begining of Africa

The African continent is only 13km from Tarifa. On a clear day the views from Tarifa to the Rif mountains on the other side are fantastic. 
We recommend to not miss the opportunity to pay a day-trip visit to Tangier while you are in holidays in Tarifa. The fast ferry from Tarifa to Tangier only takes 35min to the other side.

A whole new world of impressions is waiting to be discovered. You can set over in the morning, join a tour around the beautiful town of Tangier and come back with the afternoon ferry. A day-trip with the company FRS costs 49€ per person including the boat and the guided tour in Tangier.

Schedule Ferry Tarifa - Tangier

Departure Tarifa
  Arrival Tangier
  11:00   10:45  
  13:00   12:45  
  17:00   16:45  
  19:00   18:45  
  21:00   20:45  
  23:00   22:45  

  Prices Ferry Tarifa Tangier (one way)    EUR  DH
    Adults    31.00  320.00  
  Children (3-12 years)   19.00 200.00  
  Car (until 6m)   85.00 890.00  
  Car higher than 1.80m    99.00 1050.00  
  Caravan, van   143.00 1530.00  
  Bus (per meter)   27.00 280.00  
  Trailer until 2m   42.00 440.00  
  Trailer more than 2m   85.00  890.00  
  Bike   27.00 280.00  
  Motobike    31.00 320.00  

Information about Morocco

To be allowed to enter Morroco you need a passport with at least remaining 6 month of validity. Citizens of the EU don't need a visa. 
3 continuous months is the maximum period you can stay in Morocco.

To enter with a car you need the green card of your insurance. Still, some insurances do not cover incidents in Morocco. Make sure to check this with your insurance company before travelling. 

Special vaccinations are not necessary to travel to Morocco.

Morocco is in the GMT time zone, so in the summer they have the same time as we do.

Moroccan people will certainly try to make some kind of business with you. Always be polite, but make sure you don't get cheated. Usually prices in the Souk (market) or in the bazars are negotiable.


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