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Climate & Weather

Climate & weather forecast for Tarifa Cadiz

An overview of the weather & climate conditions in Tarifa Cadiz

Geographical circumstances are responsible for the very comfortable climate in Tarifa all year around. 

In the winter it doesn't get much colder than 15°C and in the day time it can easily reach 20°C or more. Between January and April you have to expect rain as well. 

Around midsummer you hardly feel the more than 30°C because of the water cooled wind coming from the sea. 

But be aware: it's easy to get a bad sun burn quickly. For water sports it's enough to wear a short neoprene suit in the summer, from October till April a long suit (at least 3mm thick) is more recommendable.

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  6. NOAA (Latitude: 36, Longitude: -5.36)


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