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All about booking with GoTarifa.com

Important questions regarding the reservation

How do I make a reservation?

A reservation can be made only online via our website and has to be considered a reservation request at the moment of sending it. After having received the reservation request we can also respond to questions by telephone.

To realize a reservation you have to provide your personal data (first and last name, phone number, residence, date of birth and email address) as well as the amount of persons and thetravel data (arrival, departure).

Simply follow the steps of the reservation after clicking the button "Book" on the offer page of your desired rental object.

Is this reservation binding?

The reservation will be binding by the moment when the bank transfer of the advanced deposit (according to the provisional confirmation) has arrived on our account. Please advise us when yourealized the payment of the advanced deposit. If the advanced deposit doesn't arrive in our account in the agreed time (usually 7 days), then the reservation will be canceled. In this case you have not made a binding reservation.

The requested accommodation will be reserved on your name for 48 hours after sending the online request. If within 48 hours we have not received your notice of the advanced payment being finalized, we will have to cancel the request.

Who is my partner to the contract?

The contract is being made via the company I.R.E. Ltd. acting as an intermediary between the landlord of the accommodation and the client. The fulfilling of the rental contract is always responsability of the landlord of the holiday accommodation.

What happens if I made a reservation with false data?

Send us an email to the adress where you received the provisional confirmation from. We will then provide a new reservation request with the corrected data.

Can I receive an offer without firmly booking it yet?

Use our system to make a reservation request. No reservation request is ever binding and only after having paid the advanced deposit it turns to be binding reservation.
In case you have further wishes or questions, please quote them in the message field of the request of reservation.

What can I do if I get no respond to my request?

You can contact us again, if you havent had respond to your request within 24 hours. Please use the email address in your confirmation of the reservation request. If you still have not received respond to your request then, please check if you may have entered a false email address making the request.


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