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If you dream of galloping towards the sunset on the beach on top of an Andalusian horse then Tarifa will be the place to fulfill your dreams.

Temperatures for horse riding in Tarifa are ideal all year long. In the summer it's pleasant to cool down with the fresh breeze from the sea riding along the beach and in the winter time it'll never be colder than 15°C. 

Horse riding holidays in Tarifa - Aventura Ecuestre 

These stables are situated 5km west of Tarifa right next to the beach and surrounded by the natural park of Alcornocales. Enjoy an excursion with the well-trained horses along the beach or join one of the day-trips in a small group.

The horses and the multi lingual team are looking forward to your visit!

Aventura Ecuestre Tarifa

  1. Hotel Dos Mares, Ctra. N340 km 79,5
  2. 11380 Tarifa
  3. Tel.:(+34) 956 236 632

Installations   training ground, stables, office
Horses   20 Andalusians
Prices   1hour 30,00€, private lesson 1hour 35,00€, pony riding 1hour 25,00€
Season   all year 
Guests   welcome
Riding lessons   beginner, advanced, individual, kids, tourist offer
Professionals   yes
Excursions   day-trips into the natural park, excursions to the bay of Bolonia
Distance   5km from Tarifa in direction Cadiz, left of Hotel Dos Mares
11380 Tarifa Spain, CZ, Spain
"Horse riding along Tarifa's beaches makes your dreams come true"