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Canos de Meca

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Caños de Meca is situated in between the villages of Barbate and Conil de la Frontera at the Costa de la Luz. The nicest beaches of Andalusia can be found in this area.

The highlights of Caños de Meca are within its natural environment. Rocky little bays next to long and sandy beaches and pine woods provide an insight into this athentic Andalusian landscape. 
The natural park of La Breña surrounds Caños de Meca and invites to extended hikes or bicycle tours.

Surfers, kitesurfers and windsurfers consider Caños de Meca to be one of the best spots along the coast. Waves break perfectly due to a reef about 100m off the shore and the Levante wind looses a couple of Beaufort on its way from Tarifa along the Costa de la Luz showing great conditions here when other spots might be too heavy.

The little village of Caños has been built along one single street passing the coast. You will notice a hippie flair in the summer when alternative lifestylers sell their handmade jewelry on the beach or play drums around a camp fire at night.

The offer of great restaurants and bars is amazingly good. The fresh fish of the region, some excellent ham or cheese, and some superb Andalusian whines will spoil you in Caños de Meca. Especially in the summer months the beach parties will start to warm up in the early afternoon and hardly end before the next morning.

Fun & Leisure in Caños de Meca

Nightlife in Caños de Meca

Caños de Meca deserves its reputation to be a great Atlantic coast beach side resort not at last for its fine nightlife offer. 

The evenings begin in the beach bars, which usually open until late at night. Later there are some clubs to dance the rest of the night away.

Those who feel tired during the next day, may recover a little sleep on the beach.

Chiringuito La Jaima
Avda. de Caños de Meca
11391 Caños de Meca
  Arabic ambience directly by the sea.
Popular place in great location.
ChillOut music and good Mojitos!
Club Ohjú
Ctra. Caños a Zahora
11391 Caños de Meca
  The house club in Caños de Meca.
Situated between Caños and El Palmar.
Crowded in the summer months.

Restaurants in Caños de Meca

Caños de Meca has some great restaurants to offer, which convince by their situation close by the sea and the economic prices for highest quality food.

Try the typical Andalusian recipes for fresh local fish like the tuna and sword fish, the unbeatable "Jamon" of the black Andalusian pigs or a filet of the best Spanish beef.

The Spanish love fried fish. If you prefer a less greasy way of preparation, tell the waiter to do it "a la plancha" which means the fish will be done in the pan.

Restaurante  La Breña
Avda. Trafalgar, 4
11391 Caños de Meca
  Comfortable terraze with views.
Traditional food from the region.
Mon-Sun:11:00 - 24:00, Res. Tel. (+34) 956 437 368
Restaurante  La Alhambra
Ctra. Caños de Meca, km 9.5
11391 Zahora
  Popular restaurant for fish and meat.
Nice staff and great cook. 
Mon-Sun: 11:00 - 24:00, Res. Tel. (+34) 956 437 216

Shopping in Caños de Meca 

In Caños de Meca you can find some smaller supermarkets selling food and drinks and beach equipment. There's also a farmacy and a place to buy newspapers. 

If this offer is not enough for you, than you can drive 15km in direction Cadiz to Conil de la Frontera where the possibilities to go shopping are much better.

Day-trips from Caños de Meca

Canos de Meca is a perfect base for many interesting day-trips reachable within little time. We recommend to rent a car for your holidays in Andalusia, so you wouldn't have to depend on public transports.

Here just a few day-trip destinations, not more than 1,5 hours away from Caños de Meca:

Cadiz - histor. center
Bolonia - Cadiz 80km
  Europe's oldest town - Cadiz.
Learn more about Cadiz!
Tarifa - wind capitol
Bolonia - Tarifa 20km
  Tarifa - the European mecca of the kitesurf- and windsurf scene.
Visit Tarifa and its unique flair!
Vejer de la Frontera
Bolonia - Vejer 30km
  Andalusia at its best. The white village on a mountain top.
Discover the little streets of Vejer!

Sports offers in Caños de Meca

Caños de Meca is a dream destination for water sports like kitesurfing, windsurfing and surfing. All year long the wind conditions in Caños are excellent. The best months for catching waves is from October til May. 

Days without wind are very rare, so that kite- and windsurfers will be busy every day here. The strong Levante days in Tarifa might be too strong even for the smallest sails and kites. Those are the best days in Caños as the wind looses strength until it reaches this area.

Horses can be rent in Caños de Meca and guided tours are being offered as well.

Golf players can take advantage of Caños' geografical situation in between some of the best golf courses in Europe. Thanks to the warm climate, the golf season in Andalusia never ends.

Surfing in Caños de Meca - Spots and waves

Caños de Meca on the Costa de la Luz hosts one of the best surfing spots of the entire coast. An outside reef makes the wave break early and roll in long and steady. 

This wave is great for beginners and advanced surfers, but demands good physical condition as you have to paddle a bit to reach the peak.

The upper end of this bay, at the lighthouse of Trafalgar, is mostly visited by longboarders. This is a good point break creating long right-hander wave.

A short car drive (8min) along the coast in direction Conil de la Frontera brings you to El Palmar. El Palmar is known to be the best surfing beach of the Costa de la Luz. You'll find waves here on days when no other surf spot is working. Some surf school offer lessons and rent the boards and wet suits.

Golf in Caños de Meca - near the best golf courses in Europe

One of the finest golf resorts in Europe is the Dehesa Montenmedio Golf & Country Club. This beautiful golf course is not situated right by the sea, so you might prefer to reside in one of the comfortable holiday apartments in Atlanterra and drive the 17km to Montenmedio for playing golf.

Besides this one there are many more superb golf clubs around Atlanterra. Combine the best of these clubs to the Andalusian golf vacation of your life time!

Thanks to the climate, the golf season never ends in Andalusia and even in January you can play in thin clothing.

Here some more recommendations for golf clubs in Andalusia:

  1. Costa Ballena Golf
  2. Sancti Petri Golf
  3. Benalup Golf
  4. Dehesa Montenmedio Golf

The beaches of Caños de Meca

Playa del Pirata

The most popular beach of Caños de Meca is the Playa del Pirata. It provides a swimming zone protected from the current, some nice bars on the beach and is the most busy beach in the summer.

It is situated right infront of the village center, below the Chiringuito La Jaima. Before you go home after a long beach day, we recommend to take an "apres-beach" drink in this fantastic place.

Playa Marisucia

This beach is situated left of the lighthouse of Trafalgar. It is well protected from wind and waves at Poniente wind days. The water is very clear here, but when the wind changes to Levante it is possible that sea weed gets washed up the shore. This is where this beach got its name from: Marisucia, the "dirty Mary".

Climate & weather in Caños de Meca

While temperatures in the summer at the Andalusian coast are comfortably warm, it may be unbearably hot just 20km further in the country. Seville, for example, is used to have above 40°C every day while on the coast you only feel 25°C.

In winter time it hardly gets any colder than 16°C, except for the nights which could end up being around 10°C. The temperatures also depend on the wind direction: Levante brings warmer air from the land, Poniente brings cool air form the sea.

The average humidity in summer is around 30%, in the winter it is above 50%.

The probability of rain is very low apart from January til April. Statistically the Costa de la Luz provides more than 300 days of sunshine per year. In fact, rain is always welcome to assure the water supply in summer.

Arrival to Caños de Meca

Airports   Airport Jerez, ca. 70 km away, Tel. (+34) 956 186 863
Airport Sevilla, ca. 180 km away, Tel. (+34) 902 404 704
Airport Malaga, ca. 210 km away, Tel. (+34) 902 404 704
Bus connections   Find updated information here on bus connections.
The next bus station from Caños de Meca is in Barbate.
Train connections   Find updated information here on train connections. 
The next train stations from Caños de Meca are San Fernando, Cadiz, Jerez and Algeciras.
Car / rental car   From all directions onto N340 national road, Exit Caños de Meca at Vejer de la Frontera.

Useful informations about Caños de Meca

Emergency   For emergencies on the water, Tel. (+34) 900 202 202 (free service)
Taxi   11150 Vejer de la Frontera, Tel. (+34) 659 550 747
Farmacy   c/ Pio XII 14, 11160 Barbate, Tel. (+34) 956 430 288
Hospital   Pl. San José, 11100 San Fernando, Tel. (+ 34) 956 882 214



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