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Cheap or luxury self catering accommodation in Tarifa, Spain old town or Tarifa beach with pool for rent

Cheap accommodation in Tarifa old town or beach with pool for rent

Tarifa in Spain is home to many cheap, affordable and comfortable accommodation options in the old town of Tarifa or on the famous beaches of Tarifa, Spain. Where to choose your accommodation in Tarifa, depends much on your interets and what you intend to do in Tarifa, Spain.


Beach accommodation Tarifa

Booking a beach front self catering accommodation in Tarifa is great for all who love to stay close to the beaches and do water sprots. The beaches along the coast by Tarifa, Spain have beautiful white sand, dunes and sparkling clear water. Here you can find many holiday accommodation and beach front apartments with pool. Many of the latest built holiday accommodation are made for the needs of those who love to enjoy windsurfing holidays or kitesurfing holidays in Tarifa, Spain. 

When visiting Tarifa, you’ll be able to swim in both the Atlantic and Mediterranean in one day. There’s Beach Playa Chica which sits on the Mediterranean, while less than a 10 minute walk away is Beach Playa Los Lances on the Atlantic. For those who love to stay outskirt the Bolonia beach offers unique accommodation options and beach houses, close to Tarifa or villas and houses in Tarifa - Bolonia beach.


Accommodation in Tarifa old town

Tarifa in Spain is a great little town on the south coast of Spain that is known for its spectacular beaches and strong winds. The old town of Tarifa is built around the old quarter, port and the castle and offers cheap places to stay in Tarifa. The old town is a maze of winding passages built to protect against the strong winds of Levante and Poniente. The special architecture of theese andalusian houses and streets of Tarifa creates a great atmosphere among the many restaurants, cafes, bars and boutique shops. Booking an accommodation in the old town of Tarifa, Spain is great for everybody looking for adventure, culture, history and relaxation. 


The old town of Tarifa offers a wide variety of cheap accommodation in one of the typical houses of the old town of Tarifa and very comfortable luxury accommodation with roof terraces and stunning views on the African continent. From the old town of Tarifa you can clearly see Africa and the Atlas mountains, and on a really clear day can apparently make out inpidual people along the coast of Morocco. So booking an accommodation in the old town of Tarifa, Spain is the right choice for all who love to pe into the vital summer life of Tarifa or plan to rent an apartment for long term

Besides the impressing luxury villas close to the beaches of Tarifa there are also various luxury accommodation in the old town of Tarifa. 

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Great last minute deals for cheap self catering accommodation in Tarifa, Spain

Tarifa in Spain offers cheap places to stay as well as luxurious accommodation. GoTarifa is your number one rental partner for great accommodation deals since 2005. Please check our last minute accommodation deals for Tarifabefore you book. Here you can find great last minute deals for cheap beachfront accommodation with pool as well as boutique accommodation inside the old town of Tarifa.

The prices depend much of the location of the accommodation and holiday apartment. The more expensive accommodation are those which are beach front, having a pool or are located inside the old town of Tarifa.

Besides the type of an accommodation the date of booking your accommodation effects the price significantly. For many accommodation GoTarifa offers special early booking discounts.


Cheap beachfront accommodation for kitesurfing and windsurfing holidays in Tarifa Spain

Tarifa in Spain is known for its spectacular beaches and strong winds. These two conditions have made the town famous for kite surfing in recent years, and offers ideal conditions for windsurfing holidays and kitesurfing holidays. Tarifa in Spain is a very famous windsurfing destination, purely for the incredible wind.


Thanks to its ideal situation on the Straits of Gibraltar opposite Africa, where the Atlantic and Mediterranean meet, with constant winds. Tarifa often reaches 40 knots, and that’s not stormy weather, it’s with beautiful clear skies and warm waters. There are numerous places in the town where you can take kite surfing lessons and hire gear. So Tarifa in Spain offers ideal conditions for a windsurfing or kitesurfing holiday all year round.


Gotarifa offers more than 300 selected accommodation in Tarifa, organized for the needs of doing windsurfing or kitesurfing. No matter if you are looking for beachfront apartrments with pool or vacation homes in Tarifa, we have them all at best price! Looking for an accommodation to rent on long term? Please don't hesitate to contact us!